Al Fereej Trading UK Ltd
We offer export consultancy services from our base in Leicester, situated in the very middle of England. Our staff have decades of experience in assisting companies new to export to explore new international opportunities. With our background we naturally specialize in the Middle East where we are able to offer such as market research, partner finding or indeed act as your representatives ourselves. Our service continues on an ongoing basis and we are always available to offer further support as and when required. We are members of the Birmingham Group Chamber of Commerce.

Al Fereej Trading – UK Trade Office LLC
We work in partnership with our UK Company and become the 'local' contact for the Middle East from our base in Qatar. We undertake research and assist with market visits for manufacturers and suppliers where our intimate local knowledge of both the area and the regions rich and diverse culture can prove to be invaluable. We currently represent a number of quality UK manufacturers in the Middle East and with our strong sales and marketing team are able to provide solutions to the most complicated projects. Please ask us the question – without compromising our standards with regards to quality, service and professionalism we do always strive to say yes, we can help!

AL Fereej Trading Lebanon Ltd
Our Lebanon partnerships provide cost effective solutions and a quick time response. The office continues to source the most competitive offers, logistic solutions and consolidation of orders whilst still providing the most competitive prices. Our latest addition is inventory management, storage and inspection assisting you with multiple projects around the region.